Personal Online Banking

Keep tabs on your money with our convenient, easy-to-use online banking system! It's a secure, safe and easy way to manage your personal accounts from wherever you are.


Services include:

  • Check balances on your First National account
  • View transaction histories of your account
  • Transfer funds between linked accounts
  • Re-order checks
  • Download account information into your personal financial management software
  • Mobile banking from your smart phone
  • Online bill pay

How to Sign Up for a Personal First NetBank Account:

Step 1: Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Have your PIN number handy.
Step 2: Fill out the First Time Customer Login form. This provides us with basic information on you to assist with verifying that we are communicating with the owner of the account. The Security Question and Answer that you complete on this form will be used in the future prior to us giving out any information to you over the telephone concerning your FirstNETBANK usage, including a request for a new Password.
Step 3: The PIN number required on this screen is the one you received by mail. If your PIN is rejected, please contact our Customer Service Department at 918-251-5371 to receive instructions on how to obtain a new PIN number.
Step 4: You will now see a screen requesting you to choose an access code and a new password. NOTE: The Access Code and new Password must be at least six characters in length. The Password must contain at least one numeric and at least one alpha character. Both the Access Code and this new Password will be required for future entry into FirstNETBANK. Press submit to advance to the next screen.
Step 5:
Complete the security data screen by entering your Email address. You will see an Authentication Image that has been randomly selected. Type in an Authentication Pass Phrase underneath the image. The phrase can be a description of the image or any other phrase you wish. You will be required to enter this pass phrase each time you sign on to the internet banking site if the proper image is shown. This match allows your computer and our web site to confirm that both are authorized.
Complete the Challenge Questions and Answers. There are five pre-determined questions in each of the three sets. These questions will be used when you sign on to the site from a computer that you have not registered. For instance, you may choose to register your computer at home as a personal computer, but you may treat your computer at work as a public computer and not register it. When you access the system through a public computer you will be prompted to answer one of these questions prior to asking you for your Authentication Pass Phrase. Select one of the options to either treat the computer as a personal computer and register it, which means when you sign on from that computer, our system will send you the Authentication Image and ask you for your Pass Phrase before you can get into the system. If you choose the option to treat the computer as a public computer and not register it, then prior to asking you for your Pass Phrase, you will be prompted to answer a security question so that there is another layer of security prior to gaining access.
Step 6: After completing the above steps, you may begin using FirstNETBANK. Future entries into FirstNETBANK can be done from the home page of our Web site by clicking on the Log In Now button.